Danastar Professional Services, Inc
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Danastar is an industry leader in the Content and Records Management field. We support all phases of records management engagements and our expertise spans all major Content Management technologies.
Cyber Security is demanding, constantly changing and requires a company, like Danastar, dedicated to keeping client systems secure. We stay abreast of new cyber threats and security regulations.
Danastar works closely with large-scale enterprise Databases and Networks, helping our clients to optimize their systems, gain efficiencies, and evolve them to meet their changing organizational needs.
Danastar’s web development and design capabilities allow us to strategically, but quickly, develop a powerful web presence for companies and corporations seeking to cut through today’s digital marketing landscape.

Our Projects

Danastar is an IT consulting company dually-based in Washington DC and Orange County, CA. We serve both Federal and Commercial clients, utilizing our IT expertise to offer large and small scale solutions to our clients. Our core offerings include; Records Management, Cyber Security, Database & Systems Programming and Web Development to offer large and small scale solutions.

Danastar is classified as a small business, and we have direct access to several Federal Contract Vehicles including:
ELMS –Enterprise Systems Life Cycle Management Support
CIO-SP3 –IT Services & Solutions GWAC