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We have worked with the FDA to tackle some of their large data challenges. We have delivered expertise in the following areas:
  • Enterprise Search
  • Big Data Strategy
  • Big Data Taxonomy
  • COTs Evaluation
  • Database Programming
  • Database Maintenance
  • Report Development
Danastar has helped FERC to create and continuously maintain a secure environment. We also help to the reporting framework to keep all parties aware of changing security postures and threats.
  • Cyber Security Strategy
  • Systems Operations Center
  • C&A Audits
  • Security Tool Strategies
  • Security Advising
  • Reporting Design
Danastar has supported NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) in their goal to create electronic databases of all their paper documents. We have created a secure data repository and managed the on-going uploading of documents.
  • Deployed secure CMS
  • Developed CMS process
  • Scan and upload files
  • Quality Assurance
  • CMS Training
Danastar has helped international clients to create a world class IT infrastructure with communications systems, servers, databases, and COTS to support their business needs.
  • Designed IT infrastructure
  • Deployed Communications System
  • Evaluated and Documented Assets
  • Revamped deployed COTs
  • CMS Training


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